City of Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb licitar hearts
Zagreb licitar hearts

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia - it’s a political, administrative, economic and cultural centre developed on the routes from the east to the Adriatic Sea and from Central Europe to the Adriatic Sea and southern Europe.

Zagreb is located at the foot of the mountain Medvednica - green Zagreb mountain, nature park, a favorite destination for family outdoor activities and hiking, but also interesting to tourists because of its rich natural heritage, old fort Medvedgrad, Veternica cave, mine Zrinski, many mountain homes and cottages and other curiosities. Ski resort Sljeme, on the top of Medvednica, makes Zagreb the only capital city in Europe with a ski resort. Zagreb has a rich cultural heritage with significant buildings and monuments such as the central square Ban Jelačić Square, Kaptol and Gradec - the upper area of ​​the city, Zagreb’s Cathedral, market Dolac and many others. In Zagreb, there is a significant number of cultural institutions, such as museums and theaters of which should be pointed out Museum of Broken Relationships, The Mimara Museum, Zagreb City Museum, Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters, and Croatian National Theatre.

Zagreb also has a long and rich tradition of beautiful and colorful parks - most representative example is considered a complex of parks in the city center called Lenuci’s Horseshoe (also called Green Horseshoe). Lenuci’s Horseshoe is formed in an angular letter U with its 7 squares and garden on three sides - these green spaces frame the urban blocks of the Lower Town of Zagreb. Not far from the city center, Zagreb has also few of wonderful green oasis and recreational parks as Maksimir Park, Bundek and Jarun.

Besides the natural beauty, Zagreb offers a number of entertainments and cultural events such as Advent, which was voted to be the most popular Christmas market destination in year 2016 and 2017. Zagreb is known for its many souvenirs among which the most popular are gingerbread Licitar Hearts, tie, pen and our traditional Šestine umbrella. There are numerous interesting features you can explore in Zagreb and that is recognised by more and more visitors each year which has made an increase in the number of visits and overnight stays for more than 25% in the past 3 years.