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If you would like to become a sponsor and support Drupal Heart Zagreb Camp, please contact us by email:

Sponsorship Packages

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Silver Bronze Lunch

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Price in EUR 1500 1000 500 1500 750 300 700
Max. number of sponsors 1 2 5 1 1 1 2
Logo on website homepage x x x x x x x
Logo and link on sponsorship page x x x x x x x
Social media announcements  x x   x      
Conference presence              
Friday & Saturday exhibition space (booth) x           x
Accreditation front x     x      
Accreditation back - large logo   x   x      
Accreditation back     x   x x x
Free tickets 3 2 1 3     2
Name of the room Main room Secondary rooms          
Promo TV display on venue x x x x x x x
Logo and promotion in Lunch room       x      
Swag bag inserts x x x x x x x
Support badge x x x x x x x
Thank you slide x x x x x x x
Distribution of sponsor merchandise or branded items (supplied by sponsor) x x x x x x x


You can also support camp by buying 'Individual Sponsor' ticket, more details on Buy Ticket page.