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I'm manager of Drupal born company, created for one purpose: Drupal. We've started company based on knowledge gained on Drupal camps and cons sessions and talks spiced with love for open source, development and IT in general. 

I want to share back part of that knowledge and my own experiences, based on our errors, and greatest challenges that we've overcome and those that we didn’t. I wanna tell you how to buy and invest in Drupal stocks and what options do you have.

I’ll touch base with "simple" stuff like toolstack and DevOPSing and run over to projects from small ones to large ones spice them with sales and pricing while putting in perspective services over value.

I’ll talk about education and internal initiatives like running you internal contrib day and education.

I’ll try to put in done or at least verify that story talking about project management, SCRUM & kanbanS.

And last but not least I’ll tell you our challenges in HR.

I’ll update and answer questions from Ironcamp … 

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