Entity API - Let’s build custom web application without nodes in 40 minutes

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Nodes are beautiful and we all love them. You can create different node types, attach fields to them and out of that create all range of solutions very quick. But what if you need to build something that doesn't need values like “Promoted to front page” or “URL alias”? What if you don't need actions like “Save and publish” or “Preview” but you need different ones? Do you sometimes have a feeling that for building an airplane you start by taking a car and try to attach wings and jet engine to it?

Drupal is primarily known as CMS which handles content published on websites. This talk should help in understanding that last version of Drupal is actually a high-end framework for building all kind of web based solutions in a realm of websites and highly customized web applications.

This talk will be organized in three sections:

  1. Take a closer look on Entity API and what Drupal can offer in terms of building highly customized data structures

  2. Analyze requirement for a custom web application in an object oriented design fashion

  3. Build that web application very quickly with emphasis on custom entities and demonstrate how it works
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