Reduce development costs by utilizing Drupal Installation profile

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A brief introduction to Profiles, how to create a Drupal profile, examples of Drupal distributions and custom profiles that are used by organisations for various purposes, such as creation of multiple sites for different markets, countries and in different languages.

Drupal installation profile has been part of Drupal since the early days.  Profiles  can have a  number of uses, such as:

  • Pre-packaged,  full-featured,  specialized Drupal installations  for specialized use cases  (Drupal distros)
  • Quick-start tools, starting points for developers and site builders.
  • In addition to the intended use a number of organizations use Installation Profile to streamline multiple site creation.

We will examine how some organizations  have utilized profiles to reduce the cost of  site creations, for example an organisational site for diferent countries in diferent language. The presenter will share his experience of working on project utilizing Install Profile at Oxfam  International.

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